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Outdoor Eating Idea In Summer

Outdoor Eating Idea In Summer
All things bright and beautiful

Surround yourself with dazzling saturated colour and exuberant floral pattern to create a summery mood all year round

Use bright colour and bold pattern, be creative when eating outdoors and make summer dining a memorable experience.



•A cornucopia of colour, from deep rose pink to bright lemon yellow can be tempered with smart, pure white for an elegant, contemporary feel.

•Be inspired by the diversity of colour in nature and use bold shades together – acidic brights are wonderful with cooler blues and purples, as long as they have the same intensity.

•A mix of checks, stripes and abstract florals from the same bold colour palette creates an easy, informal look bursting with personality.

•Dramatic, brightly coloured over-sized florals – whether stylised or more traditional in design – work well alongside soft neutral shades.

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