Tips for Dull and Damaged Hair

Tips for Dull and Damaged Hair. Bright hair is an indisputable sign of good health. Conversely, dull hair is often synonymous with premature aging. Where does this weakness come from? The deterioration of the cuticle (the outer part of the hair).

Tips for Dull and Damaged Hair

When the hair is healthy and bright, cuticles are smooth. In the case of dull hair, these cuticles are irregular: the scales are damaged and prevent light from reflecting.

Dull hair and iron deficiency:

Behind a hair problem is often a deficiency. In the case of dull hair that is dry, dehydrated and devitalized, it is generally a lack of iron. Diets low on fatty acids (olive oil and fish) are often the source of these problems.

Therefore, try to follow a balanced diet because sometimes too much deficiency can involve hair loss. Hint: Remember to integrate vitamin B in your diets, your hair will thank you!

Extreme care is harmful to dull hair:

In wanting to do too well, sometimes we get the opposite effect and this lesson can also be applied to the case of dull hair!

It has been shown that often this problem is caused by excessive and inappropriate use of beauty products. The continuous coloring, perms and relaxers damage and dry the hair. But what we do not know is that overusing the conditioner also weakens the hair. The silicone containing these balms sticks to the cuticle and damages in depth.

And this is not all! Exposure to light rays and not sufficiently clear shampoo also factors in weakening the hair; it is true to a lesser extent, but also must be taken into account.

Therefore, we must ensure to properly clear the hair when we wash it. And we must also try to avoid drying hair with the dryer too close to the head. A good distance “security” is at least 15 centimeters.

How to fix dull hair?

In addition to adopting delicate daily gestures, like a gentle brushing and drying, there are beauty products especially suited for dull hair. L’OCCITANE repairing masks are highly recommended for these cases. They promote cell reconstruction and help restore normal cuticle bond. Thanks to this item, the hair becomes much more light and is much more silky.

However, the best solution for dull hair care is natural treatments, as there is nothing better than a good homemade recipe: apply lemon juice, vinegar and warm water after conditioning. Just let it sit for a few minutes and your hair will have regained its luster!


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