Buy smart five things not to buy in the supermarket

Buy smart: five things not to buy in the supermarket

Buy smart: five things not to buy in the supermarket. It ended the price war between supermarkets; most major retailers of food increased their prices ending nearly three years of continuous declines.

What is certain is that with the recent increase in prices, these savings will be less. Therefore, to prevent the basket we make a hole in the family economy, despite how tempting it is to meet our food needs in one trip to the ‘super’.

1, – The prepared foods

The prepared meals are very comfortable in a society like the present that does not break. However, these menus ‘warm and ready’ are usually considerably more expensive than home cooking. In most cases, these recipes will get us over 15 minutes and we will save between 20% and 30%.

2. – Bottled water

Bottled water is a luxury product. Tap water, tap water is the best choice, good quality and cheaper. Furthermore, it is up to 10 times cheaper, not to mention the ecological benefits that entails without plastic packaging.

3. – The sauces

It might help you save some time. However, they will pay for three to five times what it would cost you to do the same recipe the traditional way. Sauté some garlic, a little onion and season with a pinch of oregano ends up being cheaper and healthier to rely on industrial sauces full of additives, as well as save you a small fortune in the long term.

4. – Small Appliances

The big supermarket shelves are filled more and more of toasters, blenders, juicers and other household gadgets. However, there are almost never the cheapest options. There is probably a cheaper alternative in specialized stores. Extensions lead or buy light bulbs at the store where you buy bread and milk is not a good idea, at least from the standpoint of saving.

5. – Bagged salads

You can apply the same criteria with sauces. The salads in bags save time, but are more expensive and less durable in the fridge. For the price of a packet of lettuce cut and we can buy even two fresh, which besides being cheaper, experts consider it healthier by avoiding chemicals that are applied to bagged salads to keep them fresh in supermarkets.



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