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Livingroom Decoration Ideas

Claudia Lujan
Modern, elegant and sophisticated living room.


Claudia Lujan
Every piece of furniture was carefully selected to make sure that each piece will mantain its unique and sophisticated personality.


Gem of Architecture
This living room’s comfortable character is an expression of the homeowners’ people-oriented lives. They enjoy entertaining regularly and freely in this spectacular Sonoma Valley site.


Calm and Classy

Efficiency of space, carefully placed furniture and an art-lamp contribute to a space that is contemporary in look and inviting in comfort. The soft texture of the upholstery fabrics contracts with the virginal white walls.


The Color Principal

Lots of bright colors are combined masterfully in this living room: Mint green was used on the walls, bright pink fabric on the sofa, and a patterned fabric on the club chair and throw pillows that picks up all the colors in the room.


The Golden Age

A pair of daybeds forms an L-shaped sectional in this sitting room, made more comfortable by bolsters and assorted pillows. Both the pillows and the gold spreads can quickly be put away when overnight guests arrive the twin bed arrangement can sometimes be more practical than one larger bed.


Divide and Conquer

Dividing a room into two separate areas can be achieved in a number of ways. This combination of living and dining area is defined first by the flooring — the former gets an area rug while the latter does not. The two spaces also take an opposite approach to color.


Contemporary Cool

This cool scheme blends contemporary colors with classic design. Modern surfaces include steel and glass, and plain blinds accent the room’s angles.


Hearthside Haven
The focus of the living room is a hearth that’s been added into the space. Pushing the hearth into the room brings the fireplace closer to the sitting area in the center of the room and creates a pocket of space at either side, perfect for a small table or chair.

Cream Dreams

In family rooms, coffee tables are best if they serve more than one purpose. This hardworking version has the requisite tabletop surface with a shallow display space for collectibles beneath it. Additionally, drawers around the base provide room for assorted items that need to be close at hand.

Cinnamon Sprinkles
The hardwood floor in this living area quietly underscores the profusion of color throughout the rest of the room. It’s layered with a burnt orange area rug that not only defines the main conversation area but also inspires the overall color scheme.


Glass Action
This house was designed as a large glass box. Soaring 12 1/2-foot-tall glass walls are framed with mullioned steel windows and doors, and the overall effect is one of an interior that blends seamlessly into the exterior of surrounding woodlands.


In the Pink

Susy Garner
Hot pink is my favorite color. So, I gave my living room a funky fun look with modern pillow, art and accents in hot pink and orange.

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