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How to Make Sawati Chapli Kebab in Urdu – English

Sawati Chapli Kebab

Sawati Chapli Kebab

Chapli kebab is a patty made from beef mince, and is one of the popular barbecue meals in northern areas, everybody had tried it in mutton, chicken and in beef, but Sawati Chapli kebab is a totally different and tasty kebab.



  1. Mutton mince – 250gm (with fat)
  2. Fried gram flour – 3 tbsp
  3. Dry coriander – 1 tbsp
  4. Red crushed chilli – 1 tbsp
  5. Salt – to taste or 1 tsp
  6. Dry crushed pomegranate seeds – 1 tsp
  7. Chopped green chillies – 4
  8. Chopped onion – 1
  9. Sliced tomato – 1
  10. Egg – 1
  11. Fresh coriander – 1/2 bunch


  • Take a bowl; add mince, gram flour, dry coriander, red crushed chilli, salt, pomegranate seeds, onion and egg.
  • Mix all and leave for half an hour then add green chilli and fresh coriander and make kebabs with 1 slice of tomato, and fry in oil until done.
  • Serve with any kind of sauce.Sawati Chapli Kebab


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