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Cake Rusk Dessert Recipe

Shared by: Muniba Siddiqi/ Rawalpindi

Cake Rusk Dessert Recipe
This is the very good recipe of cake rusk dessert. The taste turns like Twix chocolate we usually buy. I make it BY melting butter with brown sugar and then add with cocoa powder and then in this choco caramel and need to add 2to 3 cups milk now you can add sugar and cook for about 8 minutes, in another 1/2 cup of milk dissolve the vanilla custard powder separately and then mix in hot milk mixture chocolate caramel custard is ready. Now assemble put some butter on glass dish and crush the rusk and cake rusk into large chunk pieces remember rusks and cake rusk are different and in his will go both together for Twix chocolate bars taste like. now layer this crushed rusk and cake rusk in the bottom and sprinkle a full 2 table spoon of Ovaltine (Chocolate malt drinking powder) then pour the chocolate caramel custard on top of it and then sprinkle Ovaltine about 2 to 3 table spoon on top of this custard .The quantity of should not be too much because it will soggy the cake rusk and rusk.

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