Can Makeup Harm Your Eyes

Can Makeup Harm Your Eyes

Can Makeup Harm Your Eyes. One in four women have been diagnosed with a problem in the eyes, Because of the makeup, (Conjunctivitis, stinging, irritation, etc.)

Can Makeup Harm Your Eyes

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Look closely at the components of your cosmetics to avoid reactions. In addition, a similar percentage have some alteration in the skin such as acne, atopic dermatitis, eczema, hypersensitivity … making them more vulnerable to these problems.
All women studied who had makeup around the eyes showed traces of makeup in the tear film, which is associated with poorer vision.
Eight out of ten respondents eye make-up more than three times a week, and many of them expressed difficulties in vision that improves with blinking as this clarifies briefly traces of makeup.
The study shows that the use of makeup for life “may have long-term consequences in the eye, especially in a more sensitive eye.”
Even more damaging is in contact lens wearers, as it aggravates the risks associated with them, such as dry eye and irritation, but also infection.

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The most mild discomfort and intolerance are the lens but the worst may be favoring infections, which in contact lens wearers are more serious, which sometimes are very difficult to treat and can scar the cornea.

The women using eyeliner, half used it at the base of the lashes and the other half inside the tabs, so that the eye is more exposed to discomfort, redness, conjunctivitis toxic or intolerance to contact lenses, the eyeliner, mascara and eye shadow applied outside of the tab.

eye liner
Hazardous Ingredients:

Regarding the type of products used to enhance the eyes, eight in ten use more than one product and two out of three uses mascara, eye shadow or eyeliner.
The products used for removing make can be more dangerous, because the solvents alter the tear.
Furthermore, the makeup remover for years develops more laxity in the eyelid, the skin becomes more wrinkled, and may pull the eyelid outward or inward or even appear bags.
For makeup remover, 34% of respondents using cleansing milk, 30% SP, 16% gel, wipes pads 6% and 4% water micelle. 10% used other products. However, 78% of respondents recognized that they never looked at the composition of the cosmetics they used.

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Between the components and dyes used in the mascara and eye liner are solvents such as isododecane, film formers, preservatives and waxes of animal, vegetable and mineral pigments and polymers as binders.

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The waterproof makeups also contain solvents like oil painting. The look is very similar. The mascara that is intended to give lashes look longer contains nylon fibers that cling to them and can cause foreign body sensation or discomfort as the day progresses, especially when it contains compounds pearl.
In a Swedish study published in the International Journal of Cosmetic Science evaluated seven masks or types of mascara and two of them led a reddening of the skin when applied to normal skin. Both were based on a conventional emulsion stearate as emulsifier main irritant substance that could cause further discomfort or sensitive skin problems or diseases.
The revisions of cosmetic ingredients conducted by panels of experts for the U.S. administration in 2008 concluded that components such as hexamidine, used in mascaras, creams, and Delineators “are safe in concentrations below 0.1%,” as ingredients derivatives of capsicum, glycyrrhetic acid (acids and salts), n-butyl alcohol or other alcohols.
However, all these reports, published in International Journal of Toxicology, indicate that “there is a lack of knowledge in the applied doses and lack of information on their presence in cleaning products, hygiene or makeup.”


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