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Chicken Tikka Handi Recipe

Chicken Tikka Handi Recipe

Whenever I cooked mutton, chicken or lentils in handi I feel the aroma of clay and to be honest I want to cook every single dish in clay handi (matti ki handi). Many time you tried chicken handi in a pan, but now try chicken tikka in handi and you will love the aroma even without the smoke of charcoal, but do try with charcoal smoke and serve with this delicious chicken tikka handi recipe on this weekend with garlic naan. I will teach you how to make garlic naan with or without oven.

Chicken Tikka Handi Recipe


  1. Boneless chicken – 1/2 kg cut in cubes
  2. Oil – 1/4 cup
  3. Chicken tikka masala – 2 tbsp
  4. Butter – 1 tbsp
  5. Blended tomatoes – 2
  6. Desiccated coconut – 1 tsp
  7. Chicken powder – 1 tsp
  8. Cream – 1/2 cup
  9. Salt – 1/2 tsp
  10. Tomato paste – 2 tbsp
  11. Cheddar cheese – 1 tbsp
  12. White pepper – 1/2 tsp
  13. Charcoal – 1
  14. Ginger garlic paste – 1 tbsp


  • First of all apply tikka masala on chicken and leave for half an hour.
    Then cook marinated chicken in 3 tbsp of oil in a separate pan, set aside.
    Then take a clay handi, heat up oil and add ginger garlic paste, tomato paste, blended tomatoes and cook until gravy becomes thick.
    Then add fried chicken, cover and cook for 5 minutes.
    Then add butter and cook for 2 more minutes and add cheddar cheese, coconut, chicken powder, white pepper, salt and cream, mix and cover, cook for 5 minutes on dum.
    Finaly give smoke of charcoal and serve with naan.Chicken Tikka Handi Recipe


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