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Detoxification and Basic Rules of Detox by Dr Khurram Mushir

Detox and Detoxification

A detox diet is a dietary regimen involving a change in consumption habits in an attempt to detoxify the body, by removal of toxins or other contaminants.
Proponents claim it improves health, energy, resistance to disease, mental state, digestion, as well as aiding in weight loss. Many scientists, dieticians, and doctors, however, regard ‘detox diets’ as less effective than drinking a glass of water, and view ‘detox diets’ as generally harmless (unless nutritional deficiency results) but a waste of money.
“Detox” diets usually suggest that water, or fruits and vegetables compose a majority of one’s food intake. Limiting this to unprocessed (and sometimes also non-GM) foods is often advocated. Limiting or eliminating alcohol is also a major factor, and drinking more water is similarly recommended.

Detox Diet:

A list of methods to modify the diet for the purpose of detoxification includes:
1: Eliminating foods that are hard on the metabolism, such as caffeine, alcohol, processed food (including any bread), pre-made or canned food, salt, sugar, wheat, red meat, pork, fried and deep fried food, yellow cheese, cream, butter and margarine, shortening, etc., while focusing on pure foods such as raw fruits and vegetables, whole grains, legumes, raw nuts and seeds, fish, vegetable oils, herbs and herbal teas, water, etc.
2: Raw foodism
3: Fasting, including water fasting and juice fasting
4: Increased consumption of fish
5: Food combining
6: Calorie restriction
7: Herbal detox
8: Master Cleanse, also known as the lemonade diet, terms coined to refer to the fasting paradigm penned by Stanley Burroughs
9: Detox teas used in combination with another detox method. Most detox teas contain ginger, milk thistle, liquorice, rooibos, black pepper and dandelion, ingredients known in folk medicine as digestive aids. Other ingredients help to protect the liver, alleviate urinary problems and help treats stomach ulcers.
Some proponents of detox diets would emphasize it as a lifestyle, rather than a diet. Literary references include “Ultimate Lifetime Diet” by Gary Null advocating veganism as a (lifestyle) method of detoxification. A book written by Natalia Rose has provided detailed information about detox transition levels and their corresponding foods for the functions. Some detox foods are even able to treating.

Basic rule of detox

I have searched and telling u first basic rules of detox’;
Increase these:

  • Drink more pure water
  • Eat more fresh fruits & vegetables
  • Eat more whole foods
  • Get more vitamins, anti-oxidants & essential fatty acids
  • Use non-toxic personal care alternatives
  • Eat more organic foods
  • Grow air-filtering houseplants or use air purifiers
  • Decrease or eliminate:
  • Sugar
  • Saturated and hydrogenated fats
  • Refined flour products
  • Milk products
  • Conventionally raised meat
  • Late night eating
  • Food preservatives & additives
  • Fried foods
  • Nicotine
  • Alcohol
  • Recreational drugs
  • Stress
  • Other action:
  • Use a dry skin brush daily
  • Replace household toxic chemicals & materials with safer alternatives
  • Get plenty of rest
  • Exercise regularly
  • Take up yoga, meditation, or other relaxation exercise
  • Improve your digestion
  • Address unresolved emotional issues.


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