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9 Secrets of Naturally Thin and Smart

9 Secrets of Naturally Thin

9 Secrets of Naturally Thin

Summer is coming and we must get down to work. The first step, banish bad habits and redirect our day to day for a healthy lifestyle. Some people live their entire lives without paying attention to their weight. The years pass and they always keep the same silhouette. A study was devoted to investigate how they do. Here are 9 secrets of naturally thin and smart.

9 Secrets of Naturally Thin

women who remain “naturally” thin do not have only one genetic factor that favors them. They also keep good habits. A team of American researchers devoted themselves to investigate what those good behaviors were that allowed them to maintain their weight. The study was conducted among 100 adults who never had problems of this type, and the result yielded 10 customs that should be adopted.

1: Do not skip breakfast:- 96% of these people declared having breakfast every day. More than half included fruits and vegetables on their morning menu.

2:Avoid making a severe diet. 74% of the participants said that they diet on very rare occasions, while 48% answered that they never diet.

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3: Avoid the feeling of guilt. The relationship with food is not only physical. It is also known that the feeling of guilt makes you fat. Because you start to have a “roller coaster” attitude with food: you eat too much, you feel guilty, you eat a lot less, until you can not take it anymore. Naturally thin women do not feel all this, even when they eat too much (chances are rare).

4: Not controlled. Instead of controlling yourself and trying to avoid eating sugar, fats and desserts, it is always better to cook food at home, which is healthier than delivery. And they are served again only if they are hungry, not because of gluttony.

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5: Exercise reasonably. 32% of the study participants exercise twice a week. And 10% is totally inactive. That shows that you do not have to “kill yourself” doing gym to stay slim.

6: Weigh yourself from time to time. Half of the people consulted weigh themselves once a week. They do not do it every day (which could become an obsession), but they are not completely disconnected from their weight either.

7: You do not always have to eat salad. Only 38% of the participants eat salad at noon. What does not prevent eating a sandwich or something else from time to time.

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8: Avoid sodas. As much as most of those consulted recognize that they drink soft drinks, nutritionists recommend avoiding all kinds of sugary drinks (flavored waters must also be suspended).

9: Control what they eat. As much as it seems that thin people can eat EVERYTHING, the reality is that 90% of those surveyed said they had control over what they ate, and that they took care of themselves after a heavy meal. That is, a well-balanced diet.


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