Doodh Soda Recipe

Doodh Soda Recipe

Doodh soda is an ideal drink 🍹for a Ramadan. Prepare this doodh soda recipe and serve this 🍹 on iftar. You can have this drink 🍹 also in summer or you serve this drink 🍹to unexpected guest. Also suitable for potluck, kitty 🐱 Party 🎉. Enjoy 😊 this delicious 😋 drink 🍹.

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Doodh Soda Recipe

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  1. Milk – ½ liter (2.11 cup)
  2. Pakola cream soda – 1 can (substitution is below)
  3. Sugar – 1 tbsp
  4. Fresh cream – ½ cup
  5. Ice cubes – as required

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  • In a blender add milk, Pakola cream soda, sugar, fresh cream and ice as required.
  • Blend well.
  • Now pour into glasses and serve.
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Substitution:– if you can’t find PAKOLA use either SPRITE or 7UP.


  1. Can this sit for a couple hours then be served or does it have to be served immediately after making?


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