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How to Get Rid of Fat: English – Urdu

how to get rid of fathow to get rid of fat

How to Get Rid of Fat

The Side Effects of Body Fat

Psychological effect, arthritis, swelling of leg veins, kidney stones, back pain, difficulty in breathing, heart disease, stroke, excess body fat, irregular menstruation etc.


How to get rid of fat, first of all you will have to reduce the food intake, which means smaller portion size, everyone who has excess body fat will have to adapt.

Usually they are told to have 1000 K a day. If someone increases their physical work, for that they need 1500 K a day. We have to strictly do this for a small period of time. The patient has to understand he/she will have to be on this diet for a long time to lose all the accumulated fat. After that they will have to change their eating habit to maintain the new body weight. Usually the first kilos are easy to lose, but remember it’s very hard to lose weight for a medium sized fat person.

All the dietitians recommend that to only lose 1 kilo per week. In the beginning because of body glucose breakage and dehydration, weight goes down very quickly. Then it slows down after 2 to 4 weeks. You lose weight only when the body fat burns. At that time there is very little weight loss because of the body water you need to know the exact calories of what you eat.

During this whole process it’s very important that you do the diet under observation of a doctor or a dietitian. It’s very important to remember that you don’t lose your weight by exercising. You need to have a proper diet by the advice of a doctor. Treadmills are very popular for weight loss. Second is a proper food diet for example: if you need 1000 K, it should be 100 gm of carbs, 50 g of protein and 40 g fat. Carbohydrates should be gained from vegetables and fruits, not from sugar. Also stop alcohol; you also need vitamins and minerals.

Remember a proper food diet is much better then weight loss exercises. Every body needs a different programme: for example: a 55 years old woman, who is 5′ 4″, works in a office, and she is taking 1700 K a day. Then she needs to come to 1200 K a day.

35 years old business man, who is 6″, he is taking 2500 to 3000 K a day, will have to come down to 2000 K a day.
There are many weight loss medicines in the market; never take any medicine without consulting a doctor.


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