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20 Ways to Eliminate 100 Calories from Your Daily Diet

20 Ways to Eliminate 100 Calories from Your Daily Diet

loose 100 calories
It may not seem like much, but eliminate 100 calories from your daily intake can have a big impact on your weight loss. Throughout the years could save 36,500 calories, which would make you thinner 4.5 kilos. If you are not convinced, imagine you add 100 calories a day. Suddenly not so hard to see how quickly the weight stick to your line. The good news is that getting rid of 100 calories a day is easy. I do not even have to feel to stop eating what you like. Here’s our list of 20 ways to eliminate 100 calories from your daily diet.

20 Ways to Eliminate 100 Calories from Your Daily Diet

Stop spreading

stop spreading

Instead of spreading butter or margarine on your toast or your sandwiches, try to add … no. Trust us, you soon get used and when you add jam, scrambled eggs or whatever you would normally put the sandwich, I do not really need anyway. Spread butter toast can add between 50 and 100 calories (depending on the amount), which means it could provide more calories than bread itself.

Lighten your coffee

While some cafes on the street can buy a whole meal more than a hot drink, even a modest latte can contain an unnecessary number of calories. We assume that you stay well clear of Moccas with cream and the like (have up to 550 calories!), But you should change the whole milk (adds about 300 calories in coffee) for semi-skimmed (200 calories) or, even better, skim milk (less than 100 calories).

Leave the mayonnaise

We do not understand why almost all the sandwiches we bought on the street contain so many amount of mayonnaise. In addition to ruining the flavor increases the fat and calories considerably. 15 grams contains 50 calories, mostly from fat. In the future, get your own sandwich and do not put mayonnaise.

Learn portion control

portion control
Increasing the portion size has contributed greatly to the obesity epidemic, and menus of the restaurants large have begun to have influence on the customs of the people when eating at home. For example, did you know that a serving of pasta is 70 grams, or a glass? Not much, but when you consider that 100 grams contain 350 calories, the benefits of portion control and not repeat the plate is evident.

Change by poached scrambled eggs

poached egg
We always recommend regular consumption of eggs. They are low in fat and calories and high in protein, which helps you stay satisfied longer. But be careful how you do. Scrambled eggs, than most of us cook with a little butter or oil, contain about 200 calories. To reduce to 70, make them better poached.

Sauces were, yes to olives

We are so in favor of a bowl of humus as anyone, but unfortunately even a small amount is full of calories. Only three tablespoons contain about 200 calories, and that’s nothing without you wet bread. Instead, you can eat a can of olives, barely 100 calories. Of course, resist the temptation to accompany a glass of wine.

Change post raisin nuts

raisin nuts
Shelled peanuts and other nuts like are delicious, but it’s the last thing your online needs. Only 50 grams of nuts contain about 300 calories and a lot of fat (healthy fats for making cashews, hazelnuts and almonds instead of peanuts), while the same quantity of raisins contains only 120. If you still want your ration of nuts, mix with raisins, as this will only increase the calories to 200.

Eat fruit, do not drink it

eat fruit
It all comes down to simple mathematics, which shows that fruit juices are much more heat than the fruit itself. An orange or apple juice contains 165 calories, while an orange and an apple has 60 45.

Open your sandwich

Open sandwich
Too many refined carbohydrates mean weight gain, especially if you are not particularly active, so make sure you change the bread for an integral. And to reduce the calories even more, opt for open sandwiches. Losing a slice of bread will save you between 90 and 100 calories.

Beware of Oil


reduce oil
Olive oil is good for your health (just look how healthy they are all Mediterranean) as it is full of unsaturated fats, or fats ‘good’. But the oil contains 120 calories per tablespoon, so if you’re trying to lose some kilos, your salad seasoned with lemon juice and a little balsamic vinegar instead of oil.

Remove the fat from meat

fat free meat
You should always choose lean meat, but an easy way to cut calories from your plate is to remove any visible signs of fat. This rule applies in the fat of beef, pork, lamb and duck as well as in the skin of chicken and turkey.

Cook your vegetables

Fry your vegetables in oil or butter may seem tasty, but it is the worst possible way to cook if you try to stay slim and slender. Cook is good, but you lose many of the nutrients and vitamins. To avoid this, invest in a steam cooker for cooking you can also use chicken and turkey.

Cover your potatoes with yogurt

potato with yougurt
Instead of mayonnaise or butter high in fat and calories, cover your yogurt roasted Papacy. With about 50 calories in 100 grams of yogurt, is much better for you and also contains good bacteria to your immune system.

It ends with liquid calories

use water
Refuse to include liquids when you count your calories a day is one of the most common mistakes. Instead of soft drinks, water changes and watch how much alcohol outlets. A glass of white wine contains about 120 calories.

Meatless pizzas

Meatless pizzas
If you are buying or making a pizza, do not include an orgy of calories and fat and choose vegetables like peppers, onions and corn instead of pepperoni and other meats. Make your own thin crust and do not abuse the cheese is the healthiest choice. You can also take over chiles to improve your metabolism.

Skip the bread

skip bread
It’s hard to resist when you just sit in a restaurant and your stomach is growling, but fall into the bread adds a needless free 100-200 calories. Best drinks water to settle your stomach and holds up to serve the dishes.

Non-oily fish

Non oily fish
The omega-3 present in tuna and other oily fish are good for your heart and brain, but make sure you buy them canned in water better than in sunflower oil or olive oil. While canned in oil contains 350 calories, packed in water is only 200.

Share dessert

share dessert
Okay to ask for dessert from time to time, we should all treat ourselves. But lots of restaurants are unnecessarily large and you can save a few calories (and a few euros) sharing yours with your boyfriend Remember to ask for two spoons!

Eat fresh fruit, not dried

eat fruit
The dried fruit is a great source of energy, but if you’re looking to cut calories, rather than opt for the fresh. The dried fruit (or candied) has more sugar and less water, while a fresh peach has only 75 calories, the same weight in peach frosting reaches 160. Change a serving of raisins for grapes will save you 150 calories.

Remove the yolks

egg white
Breakfast should be high in protein to keep you satisfied until lunchtime, but you can save a lot if you remove the yolks of eggs and use only the egg whites. Three scrambled eggs without clearly saves you 180 calories.

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