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How to Protect Yourself Against the Cold Wave

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How to Protect Yourself Against the Cold Wave. The entry of a new maritime polar cold front will be accompanied by wind, although less intense than last week. However it should be noted that given the drop in temperatures we must take precautions.

Especially the elderly and / or health problems that are protected “properly” before the cold snap will arrive during the next few days, while recalling that the cooling worsens circulatory and respiratory problems.

In general, the cold worsens those problems related to the circulatory system, angina, circulation in legs or stroke, and respiratory system by increasing respiratory infections.
In addition, the cold causes the platelets to aggregate and that blood can flow “thicker” so that in turn favours the occurrence of myocardial infarction or stroke.

How to Protect Yourself Against the Cold Wave

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However, one of the most serious problems that cause low temperatures and can lead to death is hypothermia, whose symptoms include cold skin and mental and physical sluggishness.

People who are at increased risk of hypothermia are those who live alone or those with diseases like Parkinson’s, stroke or dementia and mobility problems, malnutrition, or alcoholism, pointing from the SEGG.

To combat the cold

  • Make a diet that favours the production of heat energy by increasing consumption of carbohydrates-rice, pasta or vegetables, and high protein foods like meats and oily fish.
  • It is also convenient drinking lots of fluids and avoid alcohol intake.
  • As for the ideal temperature, experts recommend that is never below 21 degrees at home. Avoid braziers and stoves that use butane. In this regard, it is better to opt for the electric heating or radiators.
  • Fostering the use of comfortable clothes and protects the body areas that lose enough heat, as the head.
  • Despite the cold, you can continue your daily routine. Do not have to give up physical activity in winter because in addition to promoting overall wellness, so heat is generated. However, the days of rain, snow and wind, rather than outdoors can train at home or in the gym.


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