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Fruit Infused Water Ideas

Fruit Infused Water Ideas

Are you bored with rehydranting from the tap?. Try these Fruit Infused Water ideas with a twist. Coconut water is just so last season. The latest trend is naturally flavoured waters-low-calorie superdrinks that are said to buzz with nutrients and electrolytes. Pop some ice cubes into a mini-bottle, glass or jug, add a mix of your fave fruit, veg and herbs, then top up with water for a refreshing, showstopping drink. Allow to infuse for a few minutes, then serve-leave the fruit in to keep the flavour coming. Just think of it as Pimm’s without the booze!

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Fruit Infused Water Ideas

Fruit Infused Water Ideas

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Here are some fruit combination ideas you can try and enjoy your falvour and healthy water.

  1. Lemon, cucumber and mint
  2. Ginger and lemon
  3. Apple and cinnamon stick
  4. Blueberry and pomegranate
  5. Blackberry and lime
  6. Orange and mango
  7. Strawberry and mint
  8. Raspberry and lime
  9. Pineapple and mint
  10. Blueberry and strawberry
  11. Kiwi, mint and lime
  12. Mint, lavender and lime
  13. Peach and watermelon
  14. Lime, orange and lemon
  15. Lemon, lime and cucumber
  16. Cucumber, strawberry and kiwiFruit Infused Water Ideas

For this purpose normally use infused water bottles, but it’s not necessary to buy those special bottles. You can use empty glass jars or milk bottles.

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