double coated fried chicken

You have tried several fried chicken recipes but try this yummy Double Coated Fried Chicken, and enjoy with your family and friends. This yummy recipe contains just basic ingredients and you will have fried chicken better then any restaurant…

Double Coated Fried Chicken


  1. Chicken with skin – 1, cut in 12 pieces
  2. Flour – 1 cup
  3. Salt – 1 tsp
  4. Paprika powder – 1 tsp
  5. Black pepper – 1 tsp
  6. Soya sauce – 1 tbsp
  7. Corn crumbs – as required
  8. Milk – as required
  9. Oil – for frying


  • Give chicken steam for 5 minutes and let it cool.
  • Take a bowl, add flour, black pepper, salt, paprika powder and soya sauce. Mix and make a lightly thick batter with cold milk.
  • Then dip chicken slices in batter, then roll in corn crumbs and deep fry in medium hot oil until crispy and light golden brown.
  • Serve with ketchup and fries.

double coated chicken



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