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How to Make Moong Daal Pakoray



1 cup dhuli moong-soaked for 6 hours

2 tbsp dhuli urad-soaked in water for 4-6 hours

salt to taste

1/4 tsp Powdered Black pepper

chopped green chillies

coriander leaves

oil for deep frying


Drain the water of the daals and grind them very fine, either in a blender or on a stone, using as little water as possible, preferably none (a wet grinding attachment of a food processor is better than a blender, and a grinding stone even better).Whip the daal till light- a little bit of the batter dropped in water should float over it.Heat the oil till a little bit of daal batter dropped in comes up at once.Drop blobs of it into the hot oil, turn, and lower the heat to let the pakories cook through. Fry till a golden color and serve hot with a chutney.

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