Straw Handbags for Summer

Now a days, with the accessories market booming, you are sure to find your perfect handbag in every shape, colour, and price range. No longer is carrying a 5 month old the only way to get attention while walking down the street. The range of stylish handbags available in stores has multiplied in the last few years.

Designers are tapping in to the latest accessories craze, building alternate accessories lines to boost the desirability of their brand. Some of the most popular bag trends straw handbags for summer are the resort and ethnic look of straw bags, great for the beach or a weekend holiday.

Summer Straw Handbags

sunny straw bag

Sunny yellow straw bag adds a splash of colour to your outfit

tory bag

Straw tote bag by Tory Burch!

Rafe Phi Phi Eugenia Straw

Rafe Phi Phi Eugenia Straw Handbag

Crochet Paper Straw Handbag

Crochet Paper Straw Handbag

Straw beach bags

Straw-purse for spring

green straw bag

Gorgeous green straw bag

Round shoulder bag

Stylish Round Straw Shoulder Handbag 

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