3 Detox Smoothies with Added Health Benefits

It’s very important to detox our bodies on a regular basis.  Smoothies are one of the great ways of doing that. We can have a smoothie every day. We can start our day with a yummy smoothie as breakfast, it could be refreshing snack or we can make it a delicious, healthy drink after exercise.  Good thing is that we can prepare different recipes by using specific health components from its ingredients. A smoothie keeps all the natural fiber, which help cleansing the digestive tract.  The powerful detox foods that go into it help our liver to detox naturally, which is a must to stay healthy and look great.


detox fruit smoothiesSmoothie No.1

Its ingredients are very rich in supporting the digestion. Bloating and digestive stress can be a big hurdle in tummy flattering attempts. Thankfully this smooth will prevent it because of its ingredients are very rich in supporting the digestion.

Papaya 3/4  Cup

Sliced peaches 3/4  Cup

Pear, sliced 1/2  Cup

Fresh ginger 1 TSP

Mint leaves  2

Water to thin

Now take a blender. Put all the above ingredients in the blender; leave it on for 2-3 minutes. Enjoy the smoothie.

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