Bloated Belly Tips

Bloated Belly Tips

Most of us often experience the feeling of being bloated. It makes our belly stretched, puffy and uncomfortable. It often happens after a big weekend or over a festive season. But for some people, bloating is more than an occasional inconvenience. Here are some useful bloated belly tips to help you to prevent this problem.

Bloated Belly Tips

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Bloated Belly Tips

Stop the Curries:

Spicy foods can increase the speed with that food travels through the gut, encouraging wind production and bloating.

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Bloated Belly Tips

Eat Pineapple:

Fresh pineapple contains bromelain, a protein-digesting enzyme, so try some after a heavy meal. Fennel may also help by combating flatulence.

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Bloated Belly Tips

Have a Cup of Tea:

Peppermint and chamomile teas are particularly good at easing indigestion and bloating.  Green teas and teas made with fresh mint can be particularly effective too.

Bloated Belly Tips

Drink Water:

Drink water. Being dehydrated is a sure way to cause you to retain water, so be sure you drink enough water to keep your body hydrated.

Bloated Belly Tips

Eat Slowly:

Eat slowly with your mouth closed, to avoid gulping down air along with your food. Chew each mouthful thoroughly and sit up straight at the table to help improve digestion.

Bloated Belly Tips

Start grazing:

Eat small, regular meals and avoid a pattern of eating little all day then having a large late meal.

Bloated Belly Tips


Take regular exercise.  Research shows even a short 20-30 minute brisk walk four times a week can improve your bowel function.

Bloated Belly Tips

Apple a day:

Snack on fresh fruit instead of salty snacks such as nuts or crisps.  Too much salt in the diet can increase water retention especially in the stomach area where as the high water and fibre content of fresh fruit will have the reverse effect.

Bloated Belly Tips

Stay away from salt:

Stay away from salt. Too much sodium is not only bad for your heart, it will cause you to retain water and feel bloated.


  1. I personally believe articles like this are silly, its just about how people think they should look, when they should be focusing on what they’re like as a person not what they look like in the mirror

  2. I found swimming very effective in stomach development, and eat less and exercise more is just to simple for people, the problem is many people drive everywhere, especially now people live and work in different places, drinking fluid, eating fruit etc is very important, I have to walk everywhere

  3. My Doctor told me years ago the only way to stop being fat is to eat shall portions of what you like and regular exercise. He said diets are OK but as some as you stop you put the weight back on, and who wants to diet all their lives. Sooner be fat than that.

  4. blah blah blah,dont eat unless your hungry,if you start to sweat eating a meal you are eating too much,and use your legs a lot more,end of lesson.

  5. Bloating isn’t just caused by eating too much, Keira. Water retention can also cause it. So can certain medical conditions such as IBS or Gastroparesis.


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