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How to decorate a House with Lilac and Red

How to Decorate a House with Lilac and Red

Forget a boring black-and-white colour palette and decorate with a vibrant red and lilac colour combination instead. This dynamic colour duo will instantly liven up any space in your home. The unexpected shade combination will enhance a variety of design styles, such as modern, shabby chic, retro and country. Choose bright, candy-coloured hues or dreamy pastel shades to customize your look.
Decide which room you would like to enhance with red and lilac decor. Choose a room that already features red or lilac items or completely revamp a dull, neutral-hued space.

For the living room, buy a beige colour seat and chair set for a vintage look; spice the chairs up with elegant red and lilac fleur-de-lis patterned pillows.
Decorate the walls to complement the red and beige colour scheme. Paint the walls a pastel lilac hue for a soft look, or cherry red to add a bright pop of colour. If you prefer wallpaper, choose one with a cream background featuring a retro-inspired lilac, red and beige floral pattern. Enhance white or beige-coloured walls with a decorative lilac and red wallpaper border.

Finish the design by adding lilac and red home accessories. To liven up any room, fill a ceramic vase with white calla lilies and red roses. Display a lamp featuring a soft turquoise base and a crisp white shade. For an opulent look, set out red rugs with gold designs. Hang a vintage crystal chandelier featuring dangling lilac and red beads.

Incorporate red and lilac fabric into the design. If you are redecorating your bedroom, choose a handmade red and lilac patterned quilt with red piping around the edges. Enhance the colourful country-inspired look with a red throw blanket and pillows. Balance out the lilac and red with classic, neutral-hued furnishings. For a shabby chic style, decorate your bedroom with time-worn beige furniture, which will look fresh and airy when combined with the lilac and red colour palette.


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