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Konasana Angle Pose

Konasana Angle Pose:

Stand with the feet fixed at 20-24 inches apart, hands at the side. While breathing in bend the upper part of the body sidewise above waist with the arm sliding below the knee while the other arm slides up to the armpit. The thorax, neck and head should be right angle with the base. Retain the breath and maintain the position for 4 seconds. Reverse to normal while exhaling. Repeat with the other arm.

 Konasana Angle Pose

The second Konasana posture entails the same exercise with the stretching of the arm from under the armpit to its full length above keeping it close to the respective ear, palms inward.

In another variation, the body swings in front to an X position. Inhale, then lower the left arm and raise the right, both stretched while exhaling. Alternately, touch the right toe with left hand and left with the right.

Time: 15 secs for each round
Value: It contributes to flexibility of the body and makes muscles pliable.


What could be better than making something temporarily harder and then taking away the impediment and cashing in on instant progress?
Baddha konasana builds strength in your lower back, and brings flexibility to the inner groins and knees. It also tones the abdominal organs and keeps the urinary system healthy.

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