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Natural Solution for Bad Breath

Natural Solution for Bad Breath

Bad breath or halitosis can be caused by a bad or hosted digestive process in the mouth bacteria. If you have bad breath and it causes you discomfort, it’s time to get down to work and find some natural solution for bad breath that can help you fight it.
To prevent bacteria from building up in the mouth, it is important to brush your teeth in accordance with the recommendations of the dentist. Homemade mouthwash can be good allies to combat and prevent it. There are substances and herbs that you can use to perform them:

Natural Solution for Bad Breath

Mouthwashes with natural ingredients:

Sunflower oil:

It is rich in linoleic acid and Omega 6 belongs to the morning can make this oil swish considering those brands that use seeds without chemicals, that cold processed without solvents.

Colloidal Silver:

It is a silver-based solution and water. It is known to be a potent broad-spectrum germicide. You can place the dose of a dessert spoon in your mouth and leave 30 seconds. Doing it in the morning on rising and in the evening, always with the approval of the doctor.


It is a plant that leaves a pleasant refreshing taste in the mouth. You can make a tea, let cool and mouthwash after breakfast, lunch and dinner. You can also chew a leaf of this plant.


An infusion prepared with this plant, may be a suitable mouthwash also help combat bad breath, helps reduce the effects of gingivitis and pyorrhea. Use in morning, and immediately brush the teeth.

Wheat grass or wheatgrass:

It is the grain sprouted organic wheat. An outbreak of about 7 cm is obtained. That leaves grass juice which is suitable for drinking. This plant is pure chlorophyll.
Chlorophyll can help cleanse the body. It has a deodorizing effect on the body, which contributes to a fresh and pleasant breath. The juice can be drunk neat or mixed with other juices. Chlorophyll also helps purify the liver.

Coriander seeds:

These seeds were an ingredient widely used as medicine in ancient Greece, Hippocrates recommended it. In case you have bad breath, it may be appropriate to chew one.

Eat more carrots, celery, and apples. Crunchy fruits and vegetables that are rich in fiber are also beneficial in the fight against bad breath

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