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A personal experience for home cleaning maids in dubai

maids in dubaiEvery day most families find it hard to keep up with cleaning needs of their homes. The fact that families today have to work out of the way with hectic job routines to sustain a standard lifestyle has literally left people with no time to allocate time for home maintenance and cleaning. I have been living in Dubai for the past few years and have seen the ups and downs of life. All these years the only thing that I realized is that to sustain your life in Dubai you need to work hard; actually work very hard.  It was a month back on Sunday that I visited one of my friends after quite a while. It was Sunday so I thought she would have time to spend with me. However, my visit to her home made me realize that we have become too consumed in daily job routines that we even find it hard to spend quality time with our friends and family. Her home was a total mess and she was totally struggling to keep up with cleaning needs. Being a single working mother just worsened her troubles. I found it totally disturbing seeing my friend in such a hopeless situation and offered my help in settling her home to some extent.maids in dubai

Finally when we had some time to start chatting I started discussing about her life and preferences. I wanted to know what exactly she is going through in her life and how she’s managing all this stuff herself. Being a mother myself I knew how hard it is to manage children and home simultaneously. Things get even tougher when you have the added responsibility to earn bread and butter for entire family on your own. Anyways what I came to know was that she was working for long hours. Moreover, she had to manage her child’s education and other stuff. All this left her with no time to start maintaining her home.

We had a long chat on different aspects of life and the best thing that I had to offer her was to advise her about home cleaning maids in Dubai. I personally have been using services of maids in Dubai for many years and know their proficiency quite a bit. What’s great about these home cleaning services is that they work for all families and budgets. Since my friend had a limited budget I recommended her part time maids in Dubai. I personally felt that a bi-monthly cleaning session from a professional maid would be enough to keep her home tidy at all times. This was also to be quite light on her budget and probably the best solution that I could think of. This would also give her some relief from stress and in fact in the longer run she would be able to work an extra hour or two to make up for the money paid for cleaning service.  All in all, a maid in Dubai for home cleaning was the best that I could throw at her and I am glad that she is happy with her decision of hiring maids.

The purpose of sharing my experience was to reach out to families in Dubai who are having trouble with home cleaning needs to start exploring possibilities of maids in Dubai. This way you can not only have your home professionally maintained but you will also have the peace of mind we all love to have at home.

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