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Sawayon ka Zarda Recipe

sawayon ka zarda recipeSawayon ka Zarda Recipe

Today you will learn on pakladies site how to make perfect and original style sawayon ka zarda recipe. Try this recipe on this Eid, any kind of occasion or on dinner parties as a dessert. Everybody will love the taste of sawayon ka zarda.



  1. Sawayon (vermacelli) – 600 gm
  2. Sugar – 500 gm
  3. Ghee – 150 gm
  4. Green cardamoms – 6
  5. Water – 600 ml
  6. Cloves – 4
  7. Milk – 100 ml
  8. Dessicated coconut – 50 gm
  9. Pistachio – 100 gm
  10. Almonds – 100 gm
  11. Orange food color – 1 pinch


  • In a sauce pan add sugar and water, cook until sugar dissolves, then add food color and set aside.
  • Then take a wok, heat up ghee and sizzle cloves and green cardamoms.
  • Now add sawayon and fry on low heat until light golden.
  • Then add sugar syrup, mix and add milk. Cook until water and syrup dry.
  • Now add pistachio and put on dum for 5 to 6 minutes.
  • Garnish with almonds and dessicated coconut and serve.

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