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Why You Do Not Lose Weight: Top 10 Reasons

Why You Do Not Lose Weight

Why You Do Not Lose Weight

Why You Do Not Lose Weight? If you take time following a strict diet and exercise plan but do not get to see the results, it’s time to take a look at what could be sabotaging the effort.

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1. You spend the reward

We agree that you burn a lot of calories, but reward the effort with food does not help at all to reach your goals. If you cram after sweaty fat drop by land strips all the work.

In fact, we often overestimate the calories you burnt through exercise, eating a lot more than what we’ve really lost and getting to gain weight instead of losing it.

2. You’re not sleeping enough

We might think that reducing sleep to make time for sports is beneficial to our health and fitness. However, not getting enough sleep may minimize the benefits of exercise and weight make you win.

Sleep loss affects not only the development and quality of exercise, but also lowers the metabolism, increases appetite and makes us more likely to fall into various temptations. Moreover, lack of sleep can increase stress levels, which can contribute to weight gain.

3. Drinks too many sugary drinks

Watch what you eat, if you reduce fatty foods and not between meals spades, what’s the use? Haven’t you considered the amount of calories you could be taking over the drink?

We all know that alcohol provides a lot of calories, right? Well, we should also take into account the calories that provide fruit juices, smoothies, soft drinks and many hot drinks. All calories count, so you will not forget in liquids.

4. You calculate the amount? Well?

If you’re doing a low-fat diet with healthy foods and still cannot lose weight, you hold control the portion size. If you’re eating three times a day, but each food rations could be eating the equivalent of six or more meals a day. It is good to remember that although the food you’re eating is very healthy, it must be taken in moderation, since eating too much of anything can make you gain weight.

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5. You’re eating too little!

While eating too much can cause you to gain weight, eating too little can also cause a surprisingly difficult to release the extra kilos.

Your body has a natural instinct for self-protection so if you do not get enough food, it automatically goes into starvation mode, causing the metabolism to slow down and try not to burn calories. As a result, weight loss becomes much more difficult.

6. There are constant

For your metabolism and your waist is going from worst to eat little or much to eat regularly backwards. If you start a diet and suddenly abandon or starve raisins to stick a binge, it will wreak havoc on your metabolism and your body will store more and more fat. Eating too little slows metabolism if you eat too much after that, you’ll make your body very quickly gain several kilos.

7. You don’t vary your workouts

If you have fallen into a routine with your exercise routine, you might not be getting the most out of them. Always doing the same exercise is boring, makes you feel less motivated and skip the exercises.

It also decreases the intensity and the results of your training. As your body becomes more efficient with an activity does not have to be used as a background, thereby burning fewer calories.

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8. No need to lose weight

With the growing problem of obesity in many parts of the world, it seems as if everyone wants to lose weight. However, although it is a reality that many people need to lose a few kilos, you might not be one of them.

Beyond trying to achieve unrealistic body shape (remember the lighter are more difficult to lose kilos) should ask yourself honestly, and also to your doctor if you have medical reasons for weight loss. If not, it may be the perfect time to abandon the diet, filled with self-esteem and start exercising.

9. Your weight does not reflect your body fat

Many people are obsessed with their weight as a measure of how much body fat they have won or lost. However, while there are reliable ways to find out your ideal weight, it doesn’t tell you how much leftover fat, you have water or muscle, and therefore not a true representation of your body fat.

For example, gain muscle through different exercise routines can slow weight loss and so can fluid retention. To get a more accurate indication of your body fat levels, try to see the changes in your measurements or how your clothes fit.

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10. Have a medical

Thyroid problems, hormonal derangements or any other medical condition could make you gain weight and cost too much to lose. There are also hidden food allergies or intolerances to certain foods that may be causing the scale going down. In addition, the side effects of certain medications can make you fat, so be sure to talk to your doctor about this.


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