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Easy Mango Ice Cream: English – Urdu Recipe

Mango season starts now and we would like to try different recipes with seasonal fruits. Make this easy mango Ice Cream at home and enjoy homemade tasty ice cream.

Easy Mango Ice Cream

Tasty Mango Ice Cream


  1. Mango pulp – 1 kg
  2. Cream – 1 packet
  3. Dry milk – 1 cup (make thick paste with water)
  4. Condensed milk – 1 cup


  • Take a blender, put cream, mango pulp and dry milk paste and blend.
  • Now add condensed milk and blend again.
  • Then put this mixture in air tight container and freeze for 2 hour.
  • After 2 hour take it out from freezer and mix it well about 10 minutes.
  • Again freeze at least 4 hours, when done serve this easy and yummy ice cream.

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