Fanta Doodh Soda

Fanta Doodh Soda has always been a favourite Desi beverage. It comes in various flavors, with Sprite, Coca Cola…etc, but Fanta has always been the most popular one. Try it at home during this unusual season, and refresh yourself with this chilled drink.

During quarantine, my daughter was home from university, and she made this delicious Doodh Soda.

Fanta Doodh Soda

Doodh Soda Recipe


  1. Sugar – 3 tbsp
  2. Chilled milk – 2 + 1/3 cups
  3. Chilled Fanta – 1 can

Milk Vermicelli (Rabri Sevaian): English – Urdu Recipe


  • Take a jug, then add sugar and chilled milk.
  • Mix until the sugar dissolves.
  • Add chilled Fanta and mix well.
  • Serve and enjoy.

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