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How to Make Khoya (Mava), English / Urdu Recipe



How to Make Khoya(Mava)

Recipe No 1:
Use Full Cream Condensed milk which is available everywhere. Put in Microwave 1 tin condensed milk with 2 tsp ghee and 2 tsp curd for 6 minutes. Khoya is ready.

Recipe No 2:

Melt 100 gm of unsalted butter in a heavy bottom pan , then add 3 pounds of Ricotta cheese and fry for sometime till it becomes smooth. Then add 2 ½ cup of Carnation milk powder. Stir until it becomes smooth and even.

Recipe No 3:
In a bowl take 3 cups of full cream milk powder and 300ml of thickened cream and can of condensed milk keep in microwave on high for 4 min then stir it then again keep it for 4 min stir it and your khoya is ready.

Recipe No 4:

take two cup full of powder milk add sufficient water to be able to knead it into a smooth dough, add two teaspoons of ghee to this and continue to knead further. It is important that the kneading be done well.

Steam this ball of dough for about ten minutes in any steamer. It turns out better than freshly made khoya.


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