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Shana Frozen Parathay in Urdu – English

frozen paratha

Shana Frozen Parathay

This Shana Frozen Parathay will save your time during Ramadan because you can freeze them overnight, and then simply cook them when you wake up for Sehri.


  1. Flour – 4 cups
  2. Baking powder – 1 tsp
  3. Salt – 1 tsp
  4. Dry milk powder – 3 tbsp
  5. Sugar – 2 tbsp
  6. Ghee – 3 tbsp
  7. Uni puff – as required


  • Mix baking powder, salt, dry milk powder, sugar and ghee in flour and make dough with warm water, leave for at least an hour.
  • Divide the dough into small balls.
  • Now roll the dough, put the unipuff in center, give a cut from one side and roll into cone shape, make in to balls.
  • Keep aside for 2 to 3 minutes.
  • Roll again and put each ball in a polythene bag, roll and freeze.
  • When you want to cook, remember to apply ghee in the frying pan.

frozen parathay in urdu


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