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Stomach Pain: How to Cure Stomach Pain with Yoga

Stomach Pain:

Stomach pain is very problem, which can be caused by various reasons. Some main reasons are gases in stomach, constipation and digestion. Some of us have stomach pain like a disease.  Stomach Pain

There are many home remedies to cure stomach pain. We have been looking for a different way to treat stomach pain and have found some Yuga asanas which are very helpful to releave the stomach pain. The asna is called setukasan which is not only helpful to relive the stomach pain it has many more benefits.

Stomach Pain



  • Lay down on back.
  • Put both palm of hand beside both legs. Make sure palms are touching the ground and both legs are straight.
  • Bend both legs at the knee and feet of leg touch with any finger of hand can touch keep that position. Both legs between feet keep distance up to arm.
  • During the fill breath give weight in both hands without jerk very slowly waist and thigh lift up ward hills as per capacity pull hip side. From shoulder to elbow to waist both hand keep in right angle 90 degree both hand put straight give support under the waist with the help of hand.
  • Upward this asan in complete, hold your breath, as long as you can hold.
  • After that leave the breathing slowly-slowly without jerk descending number bring waist down come original position.

Things to remember:

  • In this asan during the lift waist mouth, neck, arm, elbow and hills it should be in touch with ground.
  • Don’t do this asna if you have continues pain in waist or suffering from gases that time.
  • Do this asan every day according to your fitness level and increase its time slowly.


  • This asna is a known cure for stomach pain, gases, constipation and indigestion.
  • It helps to make neck, back, wrist, hand, legs joints and muscles stronger.
  • Helps to relieve the pain around waist.
  • Reduces fat and make waist flexible.
  • Helps in thyroids gland performance.


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