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Namkeen Roast (Salted Roast): English – Urdu Recipe

Namkeen Roast

Namkeen Roast


  1. Lamb or sheep meat (neck, chops and back chops) – as required
  2. Salt – to taste
  3. Sheep fat – according to meat


  • Cut meat pieces in big size, chops pieces should be join in three parts of chops.
  • Wash meat well and put in pot (if available) along with ½ cup of water and salt.
  • Cook on high heat until evaporates, then add fat and cover, seal with flour dough and let it cook for 45 minutes on low heat.
  • Then serve as it is or like a bit dry, then fry on high heat until water dries.
  • Serve with daal mash or daal chana, any kind of fry vegetable and naan.

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